Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Blogging my thoughts. Yikes! Here I go!

For someone like me, who thinks writing is as essential as oxygen, water, food and damned cute shoes that don't hurt your feet, this First Post of my very own Blog is a rather big deal.

My first post on my first blog. Wow!

Now I can't help but think of other important "firsts" and of how, as long as you live, and no matter how old you are, you will always be experiencing "firsts."

First step, first word, first tooth, first day of school, first bike, first friend, first pet, first love, first kiss, first heartbreak, first car, first job, first child (Yeah, I skipped first marriage. Don't even ask!), first home, first mortgage (blah!), first promotion, first divorce (I told you not to ask!), first son, first daughter, first child to go to college, first time you live alone, first death of a family member, first time you question if you're truly living your life to the fullest, first step to do just that, and, finally, first blog.

That is a very condensed list of my own personal "firsts" and the path that has lead me to this blog and this post.

I decided to leave out a number of "firsts," such as first grey hair, first pair of bifocals, first time you realize you can't do your old cheerleader moves anymore without fear of being in a body-cast for several months, first time someone tells you that you look good for your age, etc.

I also left out something that usually comes somewhere between first love and first heartbreak. It could happen after first date (if you're an idiot!) or after first marriage, but could also happen after first car (again, if so, you're an idiot!). It's one of the BIG "firsts" for many people. Use your imagination, for cripe sakes!
I don't happen to think that particular "first" is such a big deal. No pun intended. Honest! ;-)

This blog is my way of keeping my creative writing muse happy. It's also here to make me happy, since writing is such a joy to me. That seems like a pretty selfish reason to create a blog, but, hey, I'm being honest.

If you're here, and you've read this far without banging your forehead on your keyboard, then keep reading! Take a gander at all my blog posts. You may find them amusing (I hope so!), and if, by reading them, you find yourself smiling, then that's a good thing!
(I really like to use exclaimation marks a lot. Can you tell?)

Please feel free to send me a communication via my homepage. I'd love to hear from you. Unless, of course, you are truly some nut-job.....
If you are, please log out of this page and go find some bugs to eat or something. :-P

I think I just had my first blog gross-out moment!
I love firsts! I love to write! I love my blog! I love my exclaimation mark key!!!!!!

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