Wednesday, March 30, 2011

If you make it, we will drink it....

Over the past few years, I've developed an addiction to watching "The Real Housewives of _______(fill in the blank)." There are so many versions of the original, "Real Housewives of Orange County" that it's hard to keep track of them. I like them for many reasons: the dames all seem to shop all the time, party all the time, eat lunch out all the time, wear designer clothing and jewels, drive fancy cars and live in fancy homes. My God, I should hate them!!!!!

But I love watching them and I believe it's because I get to see all the pretty stuff they have surrounding them, but I also get to see the not-so-pretty stuff surrounding them. Without going into detail, if you want to see a cat-fight, these shows are for you!

My all-time favorite "Housewife" was a single dame named Bethenny. Bethenny had the habit of saying exactly what was on her mind, and, to me, her mind seemed like one of the more stable minds in Housewife tv land. Bethenny has since married, had a baby girl and has built somewhat of an empire from creating something called the Skinny Girl Margarita. It's a cocktail that has fewer calories than a regular margarita. So, you can drink them and stick to your diet....or you can drink twice as many of them as you would regular margaritas..and stay fat.  ;-)

Today, Bethenny sent out a message to her faithful fans. She wanted us to know that she's sold the Skinny Girl company...her a huge liquor manufacturer. She wanted to let her followers know that she will still have a hand in the quality control, recipe and flavor creations, etc. She wanted us to know that her Skinny Girl brand of cocktails wouldn't turn into something crappy.

She really didn't need to worry. If the stuff is good.....I'm going to buy it and enjoy it, no matter who's making it. I mean, it could truly be made in a hollow tree by elves. Oh wait....that's where my fav cookies come from.
Bottom line is: I appreciate her concern about her loyal fans and customers, but just keep the yummy stuff brewing, bottling and on the shelves, and we'll all be happy and sappy.

Someone who has bought a cocktail that looked like this:

It was gooooooooooooooood! And blue.........

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