Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patty's Day Giveaway! Sober Up And Enter!

Hello dear, sweet readers! Are ye wearing a bit o' the green today? If you were among the thousands who were on a pub crawl yesterday in Maudie-land, you may be lookin' a bit o' the green today. More on the wonders of the pub crawl will be posted tomorrow. It was fun!

Today, Maudie wanted to do a we bit o' a giveaway.

Since I'm sure none of you wants my dirty laundry (the literal kind, not the juicy gossipy kind), I've chosen a tiny little something that reminds me of day's gone by. Lot's and lots of days gone by. Ok...say the Victorian era. Today's giveaway will be for a lovely reproduction of a Victorian paper fan greeting. It will come pristine and sealed and in new condition. It IS new!! It just looks like the old original. It's very pretty. I didn't think you'd want me to give away something butt ugly, after all.

Here is a photo of said fan:

It's about 15 inches long and 12 inches tall. Those are approximate measurements since the fan is in a box in Maudie's artsy fartsy room, and Maudie is currently seated at her lovely desk typing this and is too tired/lazy (choose one) to get up and go measure said fan.

You will like it. It's really pretty. It's free if you are the winner. you really care about the dimensions?

To enter, just share this post on your Facebook Page, and also leave a little message at the end of this post, telling Maudie what you like best about St. Patrick's Day. Easy, right? Be careful to not slur your typing too much. ;-)

 Maudie will randomly select one lucky winner tomorrow (Monday). 
So, put down your green beer, your glass of Jamison's, your bowl of Irish Stew, or stop dancing a gig and come down off the top of that bar and enter by sharing this post now. 

As always, Maudie sends you best wishes, and hopes you drink sensibly.

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  1. I like St. Patrick's Day because it reminds me of my Irish heritage and it's a nice day (weekend) to spend with family and friends in jubilation! Kathy S.