You can't judge a book by its cover, right? That saying has been on my mind a lot lately. Discovering something isn't what you first expected is a surprise and I have to admit that I love surprises! Well, unless it's one involving a wardrobe malfunction, a hornet's nest under my favorite deck chair or anything at all to do something breaking!
Lately i've encountered all sorts of people, places and things that haven't been what I forst expected them to be. Some of these surprises have been negative, some have been positive and some have been downright wonderful!

Let's get the negative surprises out of the way first. Blah!

It was a weekend day and the weather forecast was calling for rain. I truly hate when that happens on the weekend. Who doesn't? No golf, no race, no fun in the sun.

Anyway, the weather forecast was wrong and that big, round, yellow thing in the sky (someone, during the month of February, reminded me it was the sun) decided to shine. That surprise was, most decidedly, positive!

A sunny day meant I could mow the hayfield that was once my lovely yard.

Oh joy! Oh rapture!

Having to mow the lawn came as no surprise. I'd been putting it off, and not because I love the entire process. I just hate to lose an hour or two of a sunny weekend day doing something I detest. But, because I detest the task so much, I surprised myself!

I surprised myself by mowing the entire lawn in only one hour. I surprised myself by not falling down while mowing my lawn. Half of my property is on a mountainside and it gets slippery sometimes. I'm telling you this so you won't think I fall down because I'm overly clumsy( I kinda am though) or because I tend to consume a beer while mowing (I save that for afterwards).

On this day, I decided to sip my ritual "after mowing beer" while sunning myself on a chaise lounge on the deck. This was no surprise. When I complete a tough task, I always reward myself in some way. Hey, I figure it worked for Pavlov and those mutts, so why not me?

I didn't want to be surprised with a nasty sunburn, so I proceeded to apply sunblock to my milky-white body. I used a towl to wipe the excess sunblock from my hands. As I did this, I noticed something happening to my freshly painted fingernails.


I grabbed the bottle of sunblock and read the label. In teensy-weensy print, it warned to keep the stuff away from Spandex.

Now there's a surprise!

Don't the sunblock folks know most bathing suits are made with Spandex? Do they think we're wearing burlap this season? If it weren't for that miracle of miracle called Spandex, I probably wouldn't be able to find pants, skirts, dresses, blouses.......ANYTHING that would fit me!

I read the teensy-weensy sunblock warning a bit more and was surprised to read that the sunblock would also harm painted surfaces...including nail polish!

Dear readers, if this crap breaks down the chemical composition of Spandex and eats paint off of surfaces, do I really want to spread it over my skin?

It's no surprise that my answer is a big, fat, NO!
I'm sorry...but I don't want to mutate right now, thanks! Unless I could actually become a female Xmen person with great super-powers. I mean, those super-hero gals are always built like...well that would be ok with me. Besides, I'd like my super power to include the ability to reduce credit card balances with a single glance, and the ability to find a primo parking spot each and every time I have to go to the market. I'd also like special vision that would allow me to lift and move any car that was driving too slowly in the left lane of an interstate.