About Maudie

Ladies and gentlemen...introducing your hostess:

A fiesty lady, writing and rambling about the funny and fashionable things in life. That's me!

 Who am I? Where am I? Where did I come from? How did I end up here?

You may want answers to those questions. I'd want answers to them, if I were you. I ask myself those very questions at least once a day, and sometimes two or three times a day if I'm having a Friday evening cocktail.
I'd also like the answser to, "Where do the mates to most socks go after we put them in the washing machine!"

Ah, but I'm rambling, and you've been warned of that habit of mine......so read on. Behold the answers (but not to the sock question)!

I was born on an ungodly hot July day, just a few hours after my dear, sweet mother (who seriously planned to name me Judy Judy) decided to eat a sandwich consisting of Limburger cheese and a huge slice of Vidalia onion(even at pre-birth, I knew how to find the emergency exit!). Because of that initial introduction to life, I believe I've been blessed with the ability (yes, you can call it a super power if you're into that sort of thing. I don't do capes though) to see the humor in everything that life hands me to "digest."

I grew up (some would dispute that I have grown up) in the beautiful mountains of Western Maryland, and I make my home there today. It's quiet, pleasant, rural and just close enough to large cities to keep a continuous credit card balance.

My career path began in retail fashion, moved on to journalism, and has now taken a side street named Sales Management that intersects Fashion and Cosmetics Boulevard. I still write quite a bit. It's just not published on a daily basis anymore. Boo Hoo! Ah, but Blogs are magical and nice...so I'm happy again!

Two children call me "Mom," and that's the best thing in the world! They keep me moving, and thinking and working to pay for all the crap that goes along with parenting! Oh, what else would I spend my money on? Botox? Trips to the Riviera? A  pool boy named Antonio?

Um, the answer would be a big old "YES" to all of those. But, I love my kids more than anything. They are my universe...and beyond.  ;-) 

Need more information about me? Well, I love vintage, old-fashioned things. You name it: decor, fashion, movies...I love it all! I love being creative. I love to knit and have a yarn-stash that threatens to take over the cottage. I try to play golf, mainly just so I can buy more super-cute golf outfits. I try to be a good cook, just so I can eat yummy things. I'm outgoing and chatty so I can hear the views and stories of other people. I work hard and believe that you should reward yourself once in awhile when you do. Therefore, I shop to reward myself! Fashion is my passion, and I also love make up, hairstyles and all things "girlie." I love to laugh because crying makes my eyes look ugly and I get all snotty too. I have family and friends who I treasure. Life is all about relationships and experiences because, sad as it is, the reality is when you leave this life, you don't take any of your cute shoes with you on the journey. You leave them behind, they go to Goodwill, and the only meaningful mark you make on this world is with the people you leave behind and the memories you make with them.

So now that you're here, why not look around? Check out my Blog page. It's the adventures of a single, middle-aged, creative mother who likes to see the funny side of life. You may read something there that makes you smile, shake your head and think. If you read something there that makes you nauseous, I don't want to know...o.k?